As we are striving to be a friendly community, we don't need "bad apples".
As long as you're a member of this forum, you will have to take a few simple rules into account.
Not following these guidelines will result in a (temporary) ban.
We have several categories for each type of member.


Regular users:

  • Stay polite. Cursing, flaming and/or disrespecting one another is a no-go. If you have any problems, please contact a moderator or administrator.
  • You can thank us by leaving a comment here.
  • Spamming is forbidden. Advertising another board/website is strictly forbidden if this has not been authorized by an administrator.
  • Attempts to hack the board will be punished with a global IP-ban and a legal report to your ISP.
  • Do not beg for either administrator/moderator-rights or to become part of a specific group ("Uploaders"-group is exempt from this rule). Requests for movies, TV Shows, software, etc. can be made here.
  • Posting links to malicious software and/or content is forbidden.
  • Seed torrents as much as you can.
  • Do not bump old content (only allowed in threads on which you can only reply).
  • Please report any suspicious activity on the board. Also report dead links, non-working or dangerous torrents if you can to help out your fellow members.


  • Upload as much as you can in HD/BRRip-quality.
  • Please specify the quality of each movie you upload in the title and try to provide screenshots/samples where possible. This to make sure there are no surprises for our downloaders.
  • Do not upload malicious content nor post links to content equal to this.
  • Regularly check your links to make sure they are not dead.


If you visit this category in particular, you will see that we also link or upload torrents to (hacked) software or applications.
Please be aware that visiting or using this category is at your own risk.
We can not be held responsible for any soft- and/or hardware damage or system instabilities caused by the content we provide.
However, we try to keep an eye out for content that might be dangerous and/or contain infections by regularly scanning new uploads. We can not promise that we will be able to detect 100% of the possible viruses and/or infections but we will try to achieve this percentage.
If you have downloaded content through our links/torrents that got your computer unstable or malfunctioning, please report the specific thread immediately using the report-button and if needed, ask for help here.


Our DMCA-policy:

DMCA complaints will be reviewed and handled accordingly. Most of the times these will be ignored due to the fact that we only provide links to sources.
We do not host pirated content ourselves thus we can not do anything to remove the original files.
If you are a company or (a representative of) an organization that takes countermeasures against piracy you can send us a  PM  or contact us directly. Please note that every request will be checked out for its legitimacy and that we do need proof of your identity before we go and remove any topics or posts from our database.

These are very simple rules that can change or get updated from time to time. Big changes will always be announced through  this  section.