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  1. Hello, First of all, I would like to thank everyone, especially the moderating team and Rissoles that is forever in our memory for the growth and continued growth of the forum and community. Without you, we wouldn't have gotten this far. As you all may know or may have noticed, I've not been around much lately for personal reasons, I don't put a lot of time into the forum anymore as I did long time ago just because I have other matters to attend to that require my attention even more. Even then, I did use the spare time I found to update and keep the forum secure, whilst the mods go day in day out with posting new updates and replying to requests. My time here has come to an end and I found someone that is perfect to fill my shoes. I will still be around from time to time to check how everything is evoluating but merely as a visitor and not as an admin. Now I would like to formally announce that we have a new forum owner that takes my place called "Calypo". He has lots of experience running communities & forums in general as well as developing PHP applications which may come in handy when he runs into something tricky as we had a few months ago with the Apache-issue. I have just finished transferring all necessary log-in & access codes to him so he can work optimally. I know he will be making some major changes but the essence of the forum will remain the same: providing quality movies & series for free to the public. I hope you will all give him a warm welcome and I'll be seeing you around! Regards.
  2. No worries man, I wouldn't have put it here if I knew where to find it myself
  3. Hello!
  4. Hello, I am in need of some fully (crochet-related) activated software, more specific: - SymblCRO ( - Crochet Charts (latest version) ( If one of you smart people can get this for me, I'll be so grateful since I can't find anything (not even a non-activated version). Regards.
  5. Copyright laws are specific for each country, we can only give some privacy tips but whether you need them or not is up to you to find out. However, as so many people download torrents every day ánd seed them too, it is practically impossible to follow up on each and everyone that does download illegal content. The only people they may be trying to "get" are uploaders, but every uploader is aware of that and in community guidelines that every member on this board has to accept in order to register an account it states: Torrent-files are merely numbers & letters that connect users to a specific file that is hosted on a P2P-network which means that every downloader is an uploader as well since you share your downloaded part with other downloaders. Since we don't provide the content itself, we can only (and we will on request) remove the uploaded .torrent-files. That does not mean the file is gone, it just means that less people are sharing it. Also, we always ask legitimate proof of a takedown notice before actually taking down content. It happens from time to time but well, can't do anything about it.
  6. Hi

  7. I wanted to see this one too but it seems that is has not been released yet (at least not in my country), here it is scheduled to release at the end of this month. Count an extra month on top of that for a BRRip/HDRip version of that movie to come out. We don't post low quality screeners here... Unfortunately, I think you'll have to be patient.. But I feel with you If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me anyone?
  8. I just watched the first episode over lunch break, if you saw Arrow you'll see a few connections with that show here and there
  9. Hi, I just was about to post the same thing, VLC Media Player is really good, I used K-Lite Codec Pack and other codec packs for Windows Media Player in the past but nothing is as fast, stable and easy to work with as VLC. It plays almost any known (and unknown) media file format. Thumbs up!
  10. Hello! Enjoy your stay with us!
  11. Hello, It's been a while since I brought out an update but better late than never right? A lot of things came up lately which prevented me to work on the forum and/or fix any issues that were at hand. Today is the first day I could actually be productive which is why I solved the account activation problem, cleaned out the server logs and made some changes to the back-end using a new server. Hopefully everything is more stable and fluent now. As I understood, a lot of problems were related to the connection from and to our server which is fixed by now (hopefully). As always, please report any bugs or errors you encounter using our "Contact"-form at the top of the page. Later this month I'll be bringing out a new update with some more changes. Thanks for your attention & kind regards, Cydex
  12. hi

    Hey man! Nice to see someone from Belgium, what province are you from?
  13. I have added the pictures of the plaque provided to me by the shelter.
  14. Lol, another happy customer
  15. Your avatar says much about your nickname... Welcome!