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  1. thank you! I'm really looking forward to watching this tv show
  2. Thank you!
  3. First if you post a new thread in the Requests forum or even the Tech Corner forum you would more likely get help on this as normally I don't check on my posts, But I use this site for all my subs No Italian subs yet on there. I have done a quick search and nothing. Got it! Thanks for the tip and the links
  4. Hi all I tried a couple of sub files without any success. Any suggestion where I can find ITA/ENG subs? Thx
  5. Many thanks
  6. I'm Luigi, an Italian guy with the body in Switzerland and the soul in Rome. I'm a tvshow-aholic and I am pretty sure that here I will find a bunch of dudes with the same "addiction". My TV Shows hall of fame is: Homeland House of Cards Dexter The Walking Dead The KillingI'm on the app TVShow Time and my nickname is: Luigi Auditore Rossini Feel free to send me a request I wish you all the best and stay fresh! Luigi