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  1. many thanx Deadmeat.
  2. yet again, many thanx. Melz
  3. Many thanx Deadmeat... Melz
  4. Many thanks Stonegimp... Mel
  5. Hi all. Has anyone come across the VAG (vw Audi group) code reading software, I used to have a copy till some bonehead (me) upgraded his laptop to windows 10 without backing up.. Grrrr. Any help great fully received. Many thanx Melz.
  6. Cheer Stonegimp. Melz
  7. Many thanks Stonegimp.... Melz
  8. Many thanks Stonegimp
  9. Many thanks Stonegimp.... Melz
  10. Many thanx Deàdmeat, cheers Melz
  11. Many thanks Deadmeat., Melz
  12. Many thanks Deadmeat... Melz
  13. Thanx Stonegimp, Melz
  14. Nice one Stonegimp... Melz
  15. Thanx Stonegimp, Melz
  16. Thanx Stonegimp, Melz
  17. Cheers. Stonegimp, Melz
  18. Cheers Deadmeat... Melz