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  1. ok, im must be missing something. i'm getting an activation window popping up every timei open an office app
  2. Just a heads up. this torrent has a tracker to HBO. I got a warning email
  3. Thanks, but the audio is out of sync
  4. I heard a decent version of this hit online the other day. anyone find it or know of it?
  5. My wife asked me to download Handy Manny for our little boy. i can only find 2 or 3 episodes with seeds. does anyone know of a complete season or up to date host? much appreciated
  6. I'm looking for a view-able copy of the movie Hercules with Dwayne Johnson. all i've been able to find is a really distorted cam. for those still unsure which movie i mean: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1267297/ Thanks in advance
  7. I'm looking for a good copy of Thor 2. Just had my first child so going to a theatre is impossible. thanks in advance
  8. i'm wondering if someone could upload and update the show Fast'N Loud. I'm in canada and about 4 episodes behind which sucks. Thanks
  9. Great Quality, just a shade dark but nothing a contrast and brightness adjustment can't fix. thanks
  10. so i totally just noticed i spelt Internship wrong both times. can a mod correct those please. And stonegimp. i just checked the closest theater to show it is about 140miles away or i have to cross the US/Canada Border
  11. I'm looking for a decent version of The Internship with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. This is my first day off work and the movies not in local theater's anymore... Thanks in advance.
  12. you might wanna mention that its a broken into 2 parts A & B