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  3. awesome, thanks
  4. I got an error message that " the torrent does not have valid bencoding". What does that mean? I am using utorrent.
  5. Scifi with Christin Bale
  6. It's a Netflix series that has got great reviews
  7. thanks
  8. Aired on the Comedy Network and Crave TV. There are a couple seasons, 12 shows total.
  9. I'm looking for
  10. I'm looking for this movie. Any chance a reliable link is available?
  11. any chance of getting episode 3?
  12. Is anyone following this show? I saw the pilot that looked interesting but none of the others
  13. Anyone following this one? I've missed a couple and need to catch up
  14. great thanks
  15. Any seen it? Tom Hardy is great in other things I have seen. Some rating sites rate it high.