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  1. Just busy with other things, and btw he has been on here he just hasn't posted any movies This is the best Torrent site, I love this place and I know I/SG has been on here, I was just having a laugh. I think it's time I came back and got back to what I love doing.
  2. There is a few really good copies out, but I am unable to post torrents here. Looks like the movie section is being neglected. Bring back Stonegimp lol
  3. When you burnt it to DVD did you burn it at the slowest speed, this is a known issue with most O/S downloads, had it happen to me many times, re burn it but at x1 speed.
  4. Here you go. Introduction: Today,I will guide you on how you can root your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.To start off,the method will take little more time but it’s more guaranteed to work on any Galaxy Note 2. Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if something goes wrong on your phone(Usually nothing goes wrong), you’re doing this on your own responsibility. Rooting your phone will void your warranty so don’t root your device unless you know what you are doing. To know more about rooting check What is rooting and it’s top 10 benefits. Method: Rooting using Odin: [Recommended] This method works for almost all Galaxy Note 2s,and it will only root and install busybox.All credits go for Chainfire for making the CF-autoroot make a look at the Original Thread. Requirements: Download these files: <!--[if !supportLists]-->1-CF-Autoroot Depending on your model number which could be found in Setting-> About Phone: A) For N7100 Model go HERE. For N7105 Model go HERE. C) SHV-E250K Model go HERE. D) SHV-E250L Model go HERE. E) SHV-E250S Model go HERE. F) SPH-L900 Model go HERE. G) SGH-I317 Model go HERE. H) SGH-I317M Model go HERE. I) SGH-T889 (T-Mobile) Model go HERE. J) SCH-I605 Model go HERE. IF you didn’t see your model number above don’t try using another model’s file because that might brick your phone. 2-Odin 3.07 From HERE. 3 Samsung USB Drivers from HERE and then install them. 4-Make sure to fully backup your device.Check our post on How to Backup Every Android Mobile Phone. 5-Make sure to backup your EFS file immediately after rooting your device. Step 1:Extract the CF Autoroot until you got a file with .tar.md5 Step 2: Extract odin307.zip then run Odin3 (v3.07) as administrator. Step 3:Shutdown your Note 2 completely. Then, hold down the volume down button+ the home button then press the power button for 5 seconds, after you will see a warning screen just press volume up. Step4: Now click on “PDA” and choose the .tar.md5 file we downloaded earlier. Then connect the USB cable to your computer then to your Galaxy Note 2. Now Click on “Start”. Step5: Once it successfully finishes you will see “Pass” in the above table of the “ID:COM” * In Some cases Knox disabled SuperSu to work probably.So,if SuperSU wasn’t working probably for you.Download the latest version ofSuperSU from the Play Store.Then on launch it will ask you to disable Knox and you should accept.Hope that solve it. Conclusion: That’s it! Easily rooted. to unroot your device and reclaim your warranty visit How to Un-root Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Copy and pasted from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2143479
  5. OK, so what phone do you have ?
  6. Please read my above responce, I might be able to help.
  7. The problem could be your phone, I have downloaded this torrent via clicking the link, I also use uTorrent as my bittorrent program. What App do you have on your phone to download torrent files ? let me know and I will install the app on my phone and tablet and take a look.
  8. Thanks Dude, You da best man, I remember this happening and I was like no way man it couldn't have been them, but they were like but it has to be and I was like NO.
  9. Just want to say a Big Hello to everyone on here, I was a massive fan of TPC before it went all basic and started to become a little, dare I say it, Sh!t This place looks like it's going to become a truly fab place for torrents, Defo a place to keep an eye on Keep up the good work guys, this is already my first place of call when I get home from work
  10. This was one of my all time favorite albums, I loved it. Thanks for this amazing version, Can't wait to have it banging on my sounds system. Massive Thanks Dude.
  11. Well I will be first then, Can you find me some more Christmas stuff for the family ?
  12. Big Thank You Dude.