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  1. I can't wait for this one I have re-watched the anime series many times. LOL
  2. Thanks a lot man I'm in your debt
  3. I had to reload after a crash and would love a seeder for IP HIDER PLEASE THANKS stacy
  4. Thanks for looking it will show up eventually lol it was a hit in Asia so it must just be the splitting away from Dragon Nest that's slowing it down.
  5. Thanks Much looks interesting
  6. I could go for one of those myself lol in this day and age it probably is a necessary precaution.
  7. I have been searching high and low and cannot find a place to even stream this movie but would really love it if you could find it . as always many thanks you have saved my brain more than once. lol THANK YOU as always I am third stacy
  8. Many thanks man !!!!!!!! this series is great
  9. If anyone gets a dubbed version please holler at me ,I already got it subbed but am collecting all of them in dubbed format. thanks as always i am Third stacy
  10. thanks man, I love a good stories continuation
  11. Thanks much
  12. Many thanks man. as always i am Third stacy
  13. Awesome film ,very many thanks man , i have been wanting to rewatch it. Thanks as always i am Third stacy
  14. THANKS A WHOLE LOT MAN. as always i am Third stacy
  15. I would really appreciate a copy of The Book Of Eli with Denzel Washington MY DVD got ruined . many Thanks as always i am Third stacy