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  1. good one DM, thanks
  2. well you are not going to read this riss but thanks anyway, you old and missed friend, RIP 16th december 2013, a sad loss to everyone
  3. thanks DM, I remember it well
  4. thanks DM , one for the missus
  5. you little devil you, you've only gone and done it, will this be the end of daddy this time, what a disfunctional family, brilliant DM
  6. mummy mummy, ho heck bring on brendan fraser, good post DM but a bit far fetched, shortie cruise not quite the guy for the job, lol
  7. brilliant, keepem coming DM, good post
  8. very historical, or is that hysterical, haha, good post DM
  9. wonderful, good post DM
  10. brilliant, here we go yet again, thanks DM, very good post
  11. thanks for this one DM