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  1. Thnx!
  2. As I mentioned, I am not very computer savvy but if you think I can help to add movies please send me a message explaining how things work. If it's something I can do I'd be happy to try and help keep this site open.
  3. Thnx!
  4. Sucks but I understand. I wish I knew how to do more with the computer and the movies and I could help, I'm just not computer savvy. I try to record my local news to my pc and have never figured how to do that lol (thankfully I can get it on my dvr although its not where I want it lol). You all who have run this page have been a godsend to me over the years, I am in very bad health and the movies give me something to do during all my bed rest and down time. You will be missed greatly!!
  5. Thnx!!