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  1. the hell i've never been in this thread before, let alone post in here, and i'm not stupid enough to quote the OP and then leave. sighs.. time to change the account password i believe.
  2. edit: just downloaded to watch and contains heavily distorted audio, you can clearly tell that this edit wasn't done by the usuals, outcome: recommend waiting for a better copy to become available.
  3. thank you for the hard work on this one DM..
  4. great thx, now hopefully this movie will make sense without it having been edited.
  5. thanks for the Christmas present stoney..
  6. fanfic created by tim russ, this was created by many star trek cast members for their fans.. i've seen it it's a great addition to trek history.
  7. ah ha been looking for this thx stoney..
  8. just the thing... thx deadmeat.