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  1. I'm deeply saddened to hear the sites latest news. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks, appreciation and gratitude to all the admin and uploaders. You have done an exceptional job with this site and should feel extremely proud of yourselves! I live in North Africa (Egypt) after moving from the UK. Finding TV series and movies became very hard to locate in Egypt. Thank you for helping me to continue my experience. Please don't ever risk more than you are willing to gamble in life - walk away with your heads held high and follow your intuition. If the feeling is right to shut down - go with it! If you have much to lose you say, then ask yourself if the loss of money in your PayPal account is worth gambling against what's most important in your life. I think you already came up with the answer. It's money that can help to do things, but certainly not greater or of more worth than anything else. This was a directed sign for you to move on in another direction. Let a new chapter begin. Have faith you will be brought to a better place and let this door close and another one open for you all. You have all made this community foster in so many ways and have brought so much contentment and joy to all the members here! Be proud it was a good run and nothing lasts forever. You will all evolve and pursue greater things I'm sure where your skills and experience acquired will be used for greatness and the further improvement of yourselves. Gods blessings be upon you all for the future. I pray any ventures you become a part of will also be highly blessed and favored to be a success.
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  8. Very upset to hear that! I really liked the show. How can ABC cancel a show after just airing 2 episodes> That's just ridiculous! I never even heard anything about OK&P. Very poor advertising on their part. ABC should of at least shown ALL the episodes and then cancelled if they really were that set on the idea. Oh well ...thanks for the info anyway.