ABBA - The Ultimate Collection 1973-1982 (4CD) [CBR-320-MP3]

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ABBA - The Ultimate Collection 1973-1982 (4CD) [CBR-320-MP3]   Torrent Name: ABBA - The Ultimate Collection 1973-1982 (4CD) [CBR-320-MP3] torrent
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"The Ultimate Collection" is a compilation of original recordings of popular Swedish quartet "ABBA" in the years 1973-1982.
  CD 1:
2."Ring Ring"
3."Honey, Honey"
5."I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do"
6."When I Kissed The Teacher"
7."Mamma Mia"
8."Dum Dum Diddle"
9."King Kong Song"
10."My Mama Said"
11."Money, Money, Money"
12."Hey, Hey Helen"
13."As Good As New"
15."Nina, Pretty Ballerina"
17."The Piper"
18."Love Isn't Easy" (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
19."The Way Old Friends Do"
21."Hasta Mañana"
22."The Visitors"
23."Intermezzo no. 1"
  CD 2:
1."Gonna Sing You My Lovesong"
2."Take A Chance On Me"
3."My Love, My Life"
4."Andante, Andante"
5."I've Been Waiting For You"
6."Lay All Your Love On Me"
7."One Man, One Woman"
8."Kisses Of Fire"
9."Like An Angel Passing Through My Room"
10."Knowing Me, Knowing You"
11."The Name Of The Game"
12."Move On"
13."Our Last Summer"
14."One Of Us"
15."The Winner Takes It All"
16."The Day Before You Came"
17."When All Is Said And Done"
18."I Wonder" (Departure)
  CD 3:
1."Dancing Queen"
2."Summer Night City"
3."Dance" (While The Music Still Goes On)
4."Does Your Mother Know"
5."If It Wasn't For The Nights"
6."Watch Out"
8."He Is Your Brother"
9."Hole In Your Soul"
10."Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" (A Man After Midnight)
11."Rock Me"
12."So Long"
13."That's Me"
15."Why Did It Have To Be Me"
17."People Need Love"
18."On And On And On"
19."Head Over Heels"
20."Under Attack"
  CD 4:
2."I Let The Music Speak"
6."Another Town, Another Train"
7."I Have A Dream"
8."Tropical Loveland"
9."I'm A Marionette"
10."Super Trouper"
11."The King Has Lost His Crown"
12."Slipping Through My Fingers"
14."What About Livingstone"
15."Sitting In The Palmtree"
17."Two For The Price Of One"
18."Happy New Year"
19."Thank You For The Music"
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Recorded: 1973-1982
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