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[14/09/2014] An update!

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It's been a long while since I've written something here but I'm still around :)

I have been making some back-end updates and secured the forum even more, I also have replied to the people that had problems whilst registering by e-mail.

Another thing I would like to say it that due to the fact that the cost of keeping this forum up and because I can not accept donations due to technical reasons, I have thought of a solution.

Today, I bought a homeserver and I'm planning on moving the hosting of this forum to my own personal space.

This way I'm cutting way back on hosting costs (saves me around $ 50 a month) and it is profitable on the long term. The only thing I'm worried about is the stability of the connection.

Since the forum won't be hosted in a datacenter anymore, it is very possible that the connection from and to you is not 100 % stabile.

However, I am currently on the best package provided by my ISP, but since this is a home internet connection, I do share this connection with other people.

But we'll just see how it goes, it's the only solution in keeping this up without making myself broke :(

The bill of this month's server has arrived and needs to be paid soon, since I'm waiting for the new server I'll be making last-minute back-ups and wait until the host cancels the subscription due to lack of payment.

I hope the server arrives soon since I am guessing there will be a possibility of downtime over a span of at least 24 hours when this happens.

I can not give an estimate of when this will happen but I think it'll be happening somewhere tomorrow.


My apologies in advance for the inconvenience. Rest assure, we won't be going anywhere :)

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Hello again!


My apologies for the downtime, there is a possibility that there will be a bit of downtime over the course of the next 24 hours due to the fact that the server is still updating itself in the background and is scheduling a few planned reboots.

However, it is safe to post and for our uploaders to put new content up, we got around 500 GB extra for all those sweet torrents :)

If the forum goes offline for whatever reason, please don't panic, no content will be lost and I'll be monitoring it closely to see how everything goes.

It is very possible you will experience visiting and/or browsing this forum to be a bit more "slow" which is normal since I'm now hosting it on my home connection.

Of course I would be happy to host it on a "real" server instead, but financially, this is the best method. (Maybe if I can get the donations back working again, we can move back :D)


Anyway, I'll post back as soon as everything is stable, feel free to check out the forum and try some things and as always, please report bugs as soon as possible so I can get to it ;)

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