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[14/09/2014] Regarding the Downtime

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<>--- Regarding the Downtime ---<>


In the recent days, our servers suffered some downtime. We diagnosed the problem and found out that it was due to a memory leak. The server's control panel did not respond, so we couldn't initiate any back-ups. All other back-ups were corrupted including some files that were very essential for the site to run, which is why registering on the site was impossible lately.


I'm glad to say that as of now, we are running on a better operating system (Debian). We also did a complete clean-up to the forum software (yeah, it's fresh right from the oven B) ).


I apologize for not informing you guys and giving you updates. I was completely lost, as everything was a mess for me, and the only thing I cared about was the actual forum data.


Regarding the data loss, I admit it was completely my fault. I did do daily back-ups of the server, but I never downloaded them because of my crappy internet connection. I will make sure that this NEVER happens again.


With regards,

The Movie-HQ team.

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