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Uploaders: Guidelines for TV Shows

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This is a topic created specifically for the "Uploaders" of this forum and consists of the guidelines for uploading TV Shows.

When creating a new topic:

Title formatting:

showname - Season x


Bones - Season 8

Please note that the formatting has to be correct. Spacings, capital letters & other punctuation have to be exact to keep the board clean & easy to read.

Message content:

In the following order:

  • Create a quote from IMDB with a general description of the series. (Just google "Tv show title + IMDB", 99% chance you will find it).

More information is not required.


This doesn't really matter. As long as the same title is being used with the only difference being the number of the episode.

- Do not use icons!
- VLC Media Player should be able to play these videos. If VLC Media Player can't play it, don't upload it.
- Be aware that we regularly check the uploaded content on validity and make sure that the posts are made using the proper formatting.
- An example of a perfect upload can be found here.

Happy uploading!

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Here's a suggestion: I have a lot of SORTED subtitles for many of these shows. I can transfer them in .zip so you and deadmeat can put them with the torrents. All subs are quite good, all in English. If you want I can generate a list of all subs/shows and send it to you.


btw. the link you left leads to the front page of movie-hq :p

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