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The Moderation Team are the ones who deal with the likes of thread / post reports, deal disputes, members with multiple accounts / ban-evaders, and generally upholding the rules of Movie-HQ. It's not easy to become a member of the Moderation Team, as it requires the administrators to have a lot of faith and trust in you. 

There are no specific / set requirements to become a member of the Moderation Team, although the obvious things we look for in individuals are their activity, their maturity, and how they act around the community. Of course, it's recommended that you don't have a warning level, also, as that may given the administrators a bad impression. 

 All staff is chosen by Administration. There will be no requests to become staff, so do not contact us privately to request a position. 

 We currently do not recruit sectional moderators, only those who are willing to moderate the entire board. 

 Backseat moderation is not permitted. If you're giving users the impression that you are a moderation when you're clearly not, you will be punished. 

 We tend to open recruitment threads when we are looking for new staff members, although there are occasions where we will recruit someone onto the Moderation Team discreetly instead, so please don't whine if you're not selected

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