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Donations are your way of saying thank-you to the Administration Team for putting in all the hard work to keep Movie-HQ up and running. As we appreciate your donations, big or small, we will grant you a donor award and premium membership, depending on the amount you have donated towards the forum. All of the money obtained through donations will go towards updates and to support / maintain Movie-HQ and it's entirety.

How to Donate

To donate towards Movie-HQ, head over to the "Home" page. You will see a Donation Sidebar. Click the "Donate Now" button and you will be redirected to PayPal where you can enter the amount you wish to donate. Once you are done completing the payment send Deadmeat a PM letting us know about your donation. You will then be made a premium member giving you access to premium requests and premium forums. If you do not receive your premium membership within the next 24-48 hours, send deadmeat a private message. Please do not continuously nag administrators through private messages.

What Do you Get?
For you, you get FULL Access to our Premium Area,
The Premium area is still growing, for us it's a new born baby and it will continue to grow into an amazing area.

At the moment we have the following;

1) Premium Lounge

  • In the Premium Lounge you get to chat with other Premium users and more importantly with your amazing hosts, Stongimp and Deadmeat. here you can talk openly and freely about almost anything, even make requests for new sections/content you would like in the Premium section.

2) Premium Torrents - (!!!More coming soon!!!)

  •  TV Shows

In here we currently have TV show that are 1080p and perfect for your large screen setups, we don't post 1080p in our normal TV section as these are too big and most users don't really need them.

  • XXX section
  • Games

We also have a PC Games section where you can get the latest big releases for your PC,

  • More Sections coming Soon, let us know if there is anything you think would be make our our Premium area better

3) Premium Requests

  • Yes we also have a Premium Requests forum too, Normal requests forum are checked every so often we are just too busy keeping the site up to date BUT the Premium Requests Section will always be checked and anything requested will be their Number one Priority. we guarantee to answer requests in a matter of hours during our day GMT Time.

Depending how much you donate will determine the how long you remain premium member for

$10 - One month Premium membership = $10 per Month

$15 - Two months Premium membership = $7.5 per Month

$20 - Three months premium membership = $6.6 per Month

$35 - Six months premium membership = $5.8 per Month

$60 - One year premium membership = $5 per Month

$100+ - Lifetime premium membership

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